Thursday, July 03, 2008

Thank you Miley Cyrus!

Or is it Hannah Montana?  It's rare that someone admits so readily to having two personalities and I've never quite sure which one to address.

You might think my 'Thank you' is really going to be another pissy tirade about the naive Miley taking risque pictures when she should appreciate her role as a teen role model.

Actually the biggest issue I have with this picture is that she looks like a vampire at best and the Joker at worst.  

That's besides the point.  I do owe Miley/Hannah a thank you.   Last week I hit a personal milestone.  Many of you know that I've been making a pilgrimage to the local gym every day for the last eight months in an effort to make peace with myself.   While I've gone every day (minus a few when the kids were sick) I haven't seen the results I expected.   So it's been really hard to continue with my quest.

And then last week I tried something new.  Running.  I have never been a runner.  Between my asthma and the 'I can't do it' thoughts that run through my head I have just stayed away from it. I think the last time I ran a mile was in junior high.

So, knowing that I tend to move with the music, I thought 'What if I put on a song that I always rock out to, set it to repeat, and see how long I can make it.'   And that's where Miley comes in.  I love (yes, even at almost 30 years old) the song Rockstar.  It's the only song I know of hers and I happened to hear it at the gym one day and had to download it.

The song is 2.54 minutes.  I listened to it five times and before I knew it I had run a full mile - under 11 minutes!

And yesterday I tried it again!  This time I ran the mile in 10.03 minutes!

It has changed my perspective.  Maybe I haven't lost the weight I wanted to (yet).  Maybe I am not the size I wanted to be (yet).  Still, I have done something that I never thought I could do.   It's now got me inspired to try and drop that time over the next few months.

Thanks Miley.  Now I'm a Rockstar!


Anonymous said...

You go girl! That's awesome! It was because I was running three miles a day that we realized that my body had a rough time burning fat. I hope you make your goal. I think happy weight loss thoughts for you!

Terina said...

maybe you could try a jonas brothers song next. (haha)

liz said...

yay! nice job!!!

I love running, it's the only thing I can tolerate doing and never without music. so hip hip hooray for running- you are going to love it! you ARE a rock star!

next thing you know you will be signing up for a race!