Tuesday, July 29, 2008


A 5.8 earthquake just hit - with it's epicenter too close to our home. Fortunately we were on the freeway and I only thought sometime was wrong with my tires. When I got off the freeway and saw everyone outside of their houses and buildings I knew it was something other than my tires.

Oh. I was hoping to leave CA with no earthquake experiences. I'm not a fan.

Still, another earthquake today happened today - it was actually much smaller and less damaging on a world scale. It happened in our family. Eric's work has decided, given the economy, not to promote the people it had scheduled to promote...including Eric. They will do the promotions at the end of the year. Which is still wonderful - but not what we were told and expecting. Eric's already been doing his new job - and will still do it since people now know to call him.

Oh. I thought this roller coaster ride was over. I'm not a fan.


Terina said...

as soon as i saw the title i knew EXACTLY what it was. and that SUCKS that eric won't get his promotion until the end of the year. well, at least you'll still be in socal if i am able to come and visit.

Walkers said...

Earthquakes! Can understand why you are not a fan! Scary thing! Hopefully all goes well with the promotion and you will be able to move. (overseas, right?)

Diana said...

What! I hope he's getting some kind of financial compensation for added responsibilities. It's always frustrating to have people renege on their promises.