Saturday, July 19, 2008


Today, during our wonderful walk of the city, I realized something. A double-standard it seems.

A man in front of us was holding his female companion's arm.

I was holding Eric's arm.

For some reason as I stared at the man's hand holding on to the back of her arm I found myself offended that he would hold onto her that way.

It took me a couple of blocks to get over his gesture and then several more blocks to realize that I had been holding Eric's arm in almost the exact same position.

Why did it seem to me that the same hand grip I had for balance and connection was somehow his way of expressing of control?

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EBV said...

Shelly-- LOVE the family blog. And if any boys could be cute while doing almost anything, it would be Willard and Walker.

As to this post-- interesting phenomenon. I wonder why that is, exactly...? Control and comfort often go hand in hand, I suppose.