Saturday, June 28, 2008


Did you feel it?  

I sure did.  No, you probably didn't.  It was internal.  

A quake that is still sending small aftershocks through my body.

It's happened before.  Four years ago was the biggest.  That one nudged my whole self.  It did not take me off my foundation, though some believe it has.  It just caused a crack. 

Crack.  There it is again.  Crack.  

A rift that some do not take the time to understand.  A crevice some refuse to bridge.  And in these post-internal-quake moments I find myself shaking in my core at what might come next.  The places these cracks might take me, my family.  

Please give me strength to see past these cracks myself, to build my own bridges, to keep people close beyond differences - and more friends like this.  

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Diana said...

Though I no longer consider myself LDS, I still watch this aspect of the church with interest. I'm so happy to see so many people voicing their discontent with the church's political involvement on this issue. I can jive with a personal opposition to it, but not the outright declaration that one group has the authority or entitlement to stop members of another group from doing something so personal and individual, something that doesn't hurt anyone else and shouldn't be the business or choice of anyone else but the people involved. That assumption or sense of entitlement over another person's choice is the morally wrong action to me.