Saturday, July 05, 2008


That is the closest spelling to the sound I am making with my mouth.

See, I ran my mile in 9.27 today.  With little change in my energy out-take.  According to the experts that exist in the WWW a good mile is 6-8 minutes.  A great one being 5 minutes.  I think I can get to the good level.  

So pyschaw to that other post.  

(And no TJ, there will be no Jonas Brothers.  If only you were close enough so I could slap you.)


EBV said...


Congrats on the running thing! My knees can't take it much anymore, so I'm transitioning into cycling... I think. We'll see.

Anyway, I think I'd be lucky to run a 10:00 mile anymore. I used to be able to run a 5:00 mile...when I was 16, my metabolism was at its lifetime zenith, I was playing football and conditioning for three hours each day and I had spare energy to burn.

Needless to say, my regimen has changed in the last ten years. As to Miley being your running muse... love it! My guilty work out song is Britney Spears' "Toxic." Still can't hear it enough.

Hope all is well with the Bennions!

Terina said...

consider that a virtual slap from 3,000 miles away. i need to find something to get me exercising better. hopefully tomorrow will be a good start. i like listening to my book on CD. need to invest in an mp3 player or an ipod. maybe this christmas.....

Walkers said...

Well here you are! I have been thinking, what happened to her??? So funny that you would talk about running, because I hate to run too. I think I will have to try it, you have inspired me. Miss ya!