Saturday, May 29, 2010


There is my husband.

He's about ten feet away folding laundry.

He just washed the dishes.

He just picked up all of the left-out toys.

This is after a day full of kids, adventures, parties, in-laws, etc.

I'd like to be helping him. Even more I'd like to walk over and say "let me rub your back".

But I'm not. I'm here. Sitting. Tired. Plain worn out.

Wondering. What would it be like to give 100%? I mean, each day I give 100% - more. But never 100% in each facet of my life. I'm never 100% a wife. At best I might hit 75%.

So I wonder.

What would it be like to say I can give 100% as a mom today. To say that I'm not doing anything else but giving 100% to them. Or to him. Or to myself.