Thursday, July 17, 2008


They are lying.

The real San Francisco treat has nothing to do with Rice-A-Roni!  It's having my breakfast while sitting at the computer over looking Chinatown and the Financial District from my window.

I rose at 7:00am (which was a feat in itself given the night of "business bar hopping" that occurred last night) and watched as the city greeted it's day.  For a while the streets were flooded with men and women in business wear trudging from the subway, buses, and near-by sweet condos to work. 

From here I can see a park in Chinatown where a group of about 15 women did some sort of playground exercising before starting their Tai Chi.  A man in his office across the way from him has waved several times - maybe he's worried I am going to jump.  Not likely.  The fact that I am sitting, perched on the desk which is shoved up against the window, staring out at the city from 24 floors up is amazing.  

What a way to start my 30th year.  I have done so many things in just one night of being here that I haven't done in my whole previous 29.  Not all of them are sinful either!  Like getting up this morning and walking down to the Chinese market to get milk for my breakfast.  Then having a ten minute conversation with the adorable old man behind the counter who wanted to explain why their fresh oranges and mangoes were so much better than the banana I was looking for.  

Eric is here for a conference - which holds absolutely no appeal.  Still I am going to whip out my former marketing skills and head down there later to keep him company.  Let's see how many pumps I can sell!!   He is done tomorrow afternoon and we'll have a great time wandering the city together.

What a treat to be here.  

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when are you going to stalk the blogher conference??