Thursday, March 05, 2009


Usually a gain isn't something we talk much of.  Unless you're pregnant.  Or on a wrestling team.

But tonight I gained.  1/2 mile.  

Turns out that route I've been running for the last two weeks isn't 3.0 miles.  It's 3.4-3.5.  

Yeah baby.


michelle said...

Nice! Thats gotta make ya feel good. Addie and I will be doing the MS walk in April this year and I am hoping that gets me motivated to be more active this summer... you've inspired me!

Walkers said...

Sweet! That would definitely make we want to jump for joy. You go girl! I have gained lots weight, but I am pregnant! shhhhhhh! Very early, don't tell anyone yet. I just have to tell someone! Love ya!