Friday, January 30, 2009

To celebrate

Things to celebrate this week:

An amazing evening with a friend.  Hours went by and more hours could easily have passed.  No subject left untouched.

Watching both of my children discover the power of holding and writing with a pen.  

Breaking down boundaries between cousins.  I love them and am not always sure how to say it.

Chinese New Year.  

Time with the BFF and her two kids.  More time than we've had in a long time - and still not long enough.  Falling in love with both her kids.

Hitting mile 40 of my running.  One month, forty miles.  Awesomeness.  

Having my first portrait done by my son.  Loving childhood perspective.

1 comment:

Walkers said...

I think that sounds like a fun filled week of lots of exciting times. Life is good, isn't it?
I especially love the picture of you, another artist in the family.