Thursday, December 04, 2008

Let's get things started...

I needed a quick and simple way to get things started on my blog again.  As we've been exploring our new community I've been less and less inclined to get on here.  And I miss it.

So let's start simple:  a top-ten list.

Top Ten In-Home Items that Bring My Life Joy

1.   my label maker
2.  my bathtub
3.  the paper shredder
4.  my bread maker (has completely changed my feelings on gluten-free bread)
5.  my Adobe Classroom-in-a-Book books (thanks Ali!)
6.  my Pampered Chef hand-held food chopper
7.  the oil burning tealight thing
8.  tweezers
9.  my Instant Breakfast cup (I have a cup that is dedicated to my morning IB)
10.  my body pillow

What are some of yours?  

1 comment:

TJ said...

my favorite things???

my LG washer and dryer
my garlic press
my giant skillet that i literally cook almost every thing in
my awesome paper trimmer that was a great deal at tuesday morning
my headlamp
my fountain pen
my journals

is that enough?