Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wait, how many miles is that?

Last weekend we went down to visit our friends Rob & Melissa who are stationed at Camp Pendleton. We had more fun than can even be described. Towards the end of our visit Melissa brought up the Camp Pendleton 'Mud Run'. Not 'brought up' as in "Did you know they have an annual Mud Run" or "Can you believe that some idiots run in a thing called the 'Mud Run'".

No, no, no. She brought it up by saying "Would you and Eric run this with us?"

I told her to send me the link - which she did - and that we'd think about it.

And thinking about it I have done. All week. Almost every hour I have some thought of this race.

It is 6.2 miles long. 6.2. Did you read that? SIX POINT TWO MILES! Up hills, in the mud, through a river...

I have never run more than two miles in my life. And those two miles were when I was in my first year of college and had strong legs and a stomach unmarred by the stretch of child-bearing.

So...I am completely upended by the question about whether I could do this.

I keep going back and forth in my mind.

Some of my thoughts and counter-thoughts:

* I've been trying to get in shape and this might provide a good goal to work towards. (Yes, but 6.2 miles Shell. Who are you kidding? Even with a training program you're not going to make it.)

* I like the idea of going out every night with Eric to run. (Yes but running Shell? When have you ever liked to run?)

* It would be awesome to be able to say I've done this. Plus maybe it would start a fun trend and we could do other runs with the Gluten-Free team. (Yeah, how awesome would it be to fall flat on your face or quit 1/2 way through the race.)

* There are a lot of people who do the couch-marathon training and succeed. (Just because you've been going to the gym every day doesn't mean you can run a 10k.)

As you can see my inner voice is not being helpful. I can't quite decide if I'm being self-deprecating or realistic.

Honestly I would really like to do it and feel like I'm coming up with all the ways and reasons I would fail to see if I can get past them. If I can get past them now then during the race it wouldn't be that big of a deal.



ali said...

I think it is a great goal. Although perhaps your first run at this stage should be a 5k - that's about half of the mud run. I don't like to run, so it holds no appeal to me. But I would be willing to come down and cheer you on to victory (and take pictures when you fall in the mud).

Diana said...

I say do it, woman! Are they going to shoot you if you start walking? :/

Terina said...

all i'm thinking of is the mudbowl my first year at youth conference....
if you don't feel like it this year, why not next year? maybe do something smaller so get yourself ready?? too bad i couldn't come out and see it too. then we could go to the beach after.

Ms. Liz said...

I say do it! How much freaking fun would that be??! People never really run 27 miles until the day of the marathon anyway - and walking for a mile or so won't kill anyone either. You have tons of options!!! Make Eric carry you if it gets that bad. Imagine those pictures.

emily said...

... first time I've found you to be "clickable"... and found your blogs!
1. Babylegs look GREAT on 2-year-olds. Do it! (did ya see on the "official site" the kid with the "fire" ones at the bottom? I envision your son in some like that...:)

2. I'm scared of running for long distances. Maybe you are to. I hope you're not, 'cause that's SO dumb of me. So even if you MIGHT fail, why not just go ahead and TRY?

3. Nice to get to know ya a bit more!

emily said...

..."too". Not "to".

My first post on your blog and I look illiterate. Boo.

It's just me... said...

Ali - I only wish you were here so we could finally train together!

TJ - you should come out here, mud run or not.

Ms. Liz - I like your idea. I think Eric should just carry me around period!

Emily - I'm so glad you got here! I've had my blog locked until I changed some of my welcome! And if anyone goes to your blog they'll know you quite literate! Maybe I will make Walker some leggings - Will would totally wear them!

UPDATE: Eric and I are still considering it. More because of the $$ to enter the thing rather than the physical cost. We'll keep you posted!