Monday, January 07, 2008

Are my cheeks red?

I am struggling between feelings of shame and glee to write about this. Not quite sure why I would be embarrassed by this...but I feel like I should be. Maybe it is because my Mom has already declared her absolute hatred for this and my husband his disinterest. What should their opinions matter though? My Mom likes American Idol and Gray's Anatomy and Eric, well his taste cannot even be described!

So...with blushing cheeks I admit that I am totally into Kitchen Nightmares!

I have only watched a couple of them online but I love it. Of course Gordon Ramsey is world renowned for being an ass - which is quite sad because (even though he is) he is incredibly talented. His attitude often overshadows or out-Hollywoods his talent.

Part of the draw for this show (which I watch here) is to see how restaurants are being run. Having worked in one for several years it is mind-boggling to see what happens. Makes me grateful that we don't eat out that much! The other draw for the show is Gordon Ramsey. Of course I'm jealous that he says whatever comes to his mind with little to no filtering. It would be nice not to filter everything I say. Beyond that I am absolutely floored by his ability to manage business with his talent for cooking. Not every creative person can also run a business.

I realize he has a staff of people that travel with him and a staff of people that run his restaurants. Regardless - that he can see the overall picture of business success and also focus on the minuscule details of what makes a dish delectable is enviable.

This probably seems like a random post but I'm getting ready to work on a text-heavy project which means I need a little something to watch. I then realized how excited I was about getting to watch MORE of the show! Had to share...


EBV said...

Hey, I love Dr. Who, so I'll defend your right to watch whatever you want to the death.

Oh, and thank you for knowing the definition of and using doppelganger correctly in a sentence. You wouldn't believe how I've ached to use that word outside of a college classroom. Bless you, Shelly Bennion, bless you!

Terina said...

it's not like stacy and clinton are all that nice. i have to say i have no interest in watching this show. but now you can tell all about it...