Friday, October 19, 2007

Out of control...

Do you ever just have those days when things feel completely out of control?

Like you are spinning around and around, even though your feel are firmly planted on the ground?

Or like you're falling and no one knows it but you, and cannot pick you up even if they wanted to?

That is how this moment feels to me right now. There are things - one big thing called money - in my life that feel so out of control.

We are living with my parents.

We are in debt. (I am so embarassed to admit this, but it is SO much of my feelings right now)

We are living on much less than I expected at this point.

All of these things are changeable, I know that.

Yet for this moment, it just all feels out of control.


Terina said...

you needed to watch oprah yesterday. i will call you and tell you about it. take a deep breath, and then call me and you can let it all out on me. you can survive!!!!

It's just me... said...


Actually I did watch Oprah yesterday - but only the first half. That is what got me thinking so much.

And yeah, we will survive. Hopefully sooner rather than later.