Monday, October 29, 2007

Our Children

I recently finished reading Helen of Troy by Margaret George.

I found this amazing nugget of truth regarding children and feel like it captures the amazement and wonder of raising children.

In this excerpt Helen is talking about reconnecting with the daughter she abandoned for Paris, Hermione. She says:

She was not like me. One's child never is. But until your child has grown to maturity, you cannot believe it. Your children are a part of you forever, from the moment of their birth, therefore you imagine you are part of them as well. But they are entirely apart, seeking their own secrets and bearing their own disappointments. If they choose to reveal them to you, you among mothers are fortunate.

I hope, when they are older, I am among the fortunate.


EBV said...


So good to hear from you. Thanks for pointing out my masculo-centric fallacy (or is that phallacy?) concerning Nintendo. I'm glad that Nintendo was gender-equitable. :P

How are things? Is California as lovely as I imagine it while stuck at my desk in the middle of Provo? Has Eric finally decided to ace the LSAT get a full ride to Stanford and become the next Chief Justice?

All questions I expect answers to.


Terina said...

my mom wasn't fortunate...

It's just me... said...

TJ - No, she wasn't that fortunate. But I do think she thought that you would be part of her forever. That was her first mistake.

EBV - Soooo good to find you! I love reading your blog - not just to get the latest ebv news but to catch a few laughs. Ok, so here are the expected answers:
1) Things are good - great at times.
2) CA is lovely - and today it is a nice 86 degrees. The fires are out - which is good - the smog is back - which is bad. I hope this fuels your starved law school jailed imagination.
3) EKB decided to forgo golden brick pathway to Justicehood because he understood you were on it - and since the Wizard only grants a few wishes, you get it!

Now, I only have one for you:

Who is the her that you were missing?!?!