Sunday, September 23, 2007

Music Memory Monday Intro

I figured that a great way to help me blog consistently would be to have some 'themes'. I think in the blog world they are sometimes called 'memes' but since I am not tagging anyone else to do them, we're just going to stick with 'theme'.

In preparation for the road trip I was going to take with my best-friend TJ (which never happened, sniff, sniff) I gathered up a collection of my music for us to groove to in the car. It is quite an eclectic collection - one that I am quite proud of. In compiling songs to listen to in the car packed with our four kids I had moments of flashback where the world around me seemed to sink into the past. Bright, vivid memories flashed before me as I listened to song after song after song. This isn't unique.

Many of us recall our memories through music. Either we attach the memory to the song or the song triggers a thought which triggers the memory. Plenty of studies have been done confirming this link. Still, I barely remember anything so when a song comes on and my mind hits the rewind time button, I am giddy. I figured, what better way to capture my memories than sharing my walks down the lane with you!!

I'll admit to being less-versed in music than others but that doesn't mean I'm completely in the dark. I'm sure some of you will laugh at the music I choose each week for Music Memory Monday but that's ok too. Hopefully you will laugh at my stories as well - and be prompted to recall your own music memories.

The deep prodding and poking into my hippocampi starts tomorrow!


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Terina said...

yay! regular postings from you. once i get back i will be posting more often.