Monday, September 24, 2007

Music Memory Monday #1

Every culture has it's own traditions. I grew up Mormon and as late night TV will attest, Mormons have a lot of unique traditions. Jell-O, 'secret underwear', multiple-wives, etc.

However there is one tradition of Mormonism that goes untouched by the outside jokes. And while it is prime for humor it is one tradition that is adored - especially by me. Some may mock it, but sure enough, when they turned 14 they too were dying to participate. In fact, when my best friend TJ was here I was so tempted to try and find one just so that we could go.


Oh my friends. These are not your ordinary dance experiences like a prom or a college homecoming. The first difference between the two would be the people. At a prom or college homecoming you expect the same group of people to go to each one. At an LDS Church dance the crowd is as varied as a flurry of winter snowflakes. Economical, sociological, improvisational, and even theological differences all blend in to form one body, movin' and groovin' to the same, often 80's era, music.

I loved LDS dances. I was so excited to turn 14 so that I could go. Thrilled to find the first one in college. And even more thrilled to drag my friends weekly to the myriad of dances all over the valley throughout college. Especially when they were at Saltair. That meant hundreds of bodies crammed together for the joy of dance.

So it is fitting that my first Music Memory Monday begins with a memory from a dance in high school.

It must of been my sophomore year of high school - I'm not really sure. What I am sure of is that all through the night a certain young man, we'll call him Dan, kept asking me to dance. Now, I wasn't a snob in high school (at least not that I remember) but I did have my moments. I did NOT want to dance with Dan. Multiple times he asked...and multiple times I found an excuse to say decline.

Towards the end of a song (and the night) TJ, Amber and I saw Dan moving towards us. We attempted to move but couldn't get through the people. Dan came up and asked me again to dance, just as a new song came on...

If You Leave by OMD.

This is one of those strange songs that is neither slow nor fast. I told Dan we couldn't dance because it wasn't a slow song. His response "We can make it slow." No joke! I was stuck. I had no way to get out.

So we danced.

And every time they said 'I touched you once' he touched me once, and every time they said 'I touched you twice' he touched me twice. And of course, every time they said 'I won't let go at any price' he'd pull me close.

It was hilarious! I tried so hard not to laugh but the minute the song was over, I admit I all-but-ran to my friends to spill.

Even now, I cannot help but giggle like a girl with the memory of it.

Now you too can take yourself back to whatever memories you find with this song:


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Terina said...

can't wait for next weeks. am i going to be in all of these music memories???