Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pending distance...

I realize that distance is usually what makes the heart grow fonder. However, I have noticed that pending distance makes the heart take notice and grow fonder. At some point in the near future the town I am in will no longer be my town. Not sure when exactly and not sure exactly what will take me away. With that somewhat impending notion I have found myself taking notice of things I am sure to miss. Of course sometimes it makes me feel as though I’d hate to leave, when in reality I am dying to go.

So to exercise the fondness, ten of them, in no particular order are:

* having mountains literally in my backyard
* four very distinct and glorious seasons, all marked easily by the stream next to our home
* the ability to walk downtown at all hours of the day and night, with no fear
* access to the award-winning library, new museums, and eclectic restaurants with no commuting
* clean, crisp, breathable air
* the way downtown looks when I’m driving home late at night. Realizing that ‘the downtown’ is my home.
* feeling different, in a good way, than many of my neighbors
* having lots of kids around the neighborhood for my kids to interact with
* memories. Almost ten years of apartments, friends, classes, crushes, personal disasters, and professional heights all in one place.
* the birth places and first homes of my children. This one is really hard.

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Terina said...

not that you didn't understand, but now really you understand how much i really miss germany. not so much california, but i really miss germany. and you didn't mention the positives of leaving, but those are that you are one step closer to your goals as a family, and you get to start over somewhere and take a good look at yourself and make some changes which otherwise would have been a little harder to make. (there are a lot of run on sentences in that)