Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I have found a few blogs that I find absolutely hilarious. They are great to read while avoiding my homework, dirty diapers, dishes, etc. Every once and a while I get the urge to add a comment - most of the time I'm just a 'lurker' (I think that is the term).

I find it fascinating that when I do want to comment I am asked to verify my human authenticity by typing a random assortment of letters and sometimes numbers.

I get it. I'm not stupid and I understand the reasons for it. Having a blog myself I appreciate not having comments by computer spammers or whatever.

I do think that it is an interesting statement however. Since most computers spell better than us 'humans' I think it would be more effective if:

a) a voice announced a word and directed us to spell it. I'd like to see how many people could spell real words rather than random letters. I'd be screwed if they said 'definite' - for some reason that one boggles me.
b) Readers were asked to spell a word that was already written out. For example:
'To comment on this blog, please spell acerbic.' Our blog generation is not that great at reading directions or at spelling and it would be funny to see how many people give up even though the word is already written for them!

It's like when you play Cranium and you hit the G-N-I-L-L-E-P-S card (where the word has to be spelled backwards) and the card reader actually has to turn the card OVER to read the backwards spelling instead of just reading the word backwards on the original spelling. You know?

I've decided for each new conglomeration of letters I have to spell to post a comment, I am going to create a new word.

~ having, compelled by, or ruled by intense emotion or strong feeling

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