Monday, June 04, 2007

CA: The List

I haven't had the time I need to blog sufficiently about our move here to CA. However, in response to a friend's email I created this list, which I thought explained our first three weeks living here really well. Enjoy!

Number of times we've ridden the bus: 2
Number of times we've eaten as a family: 14 (plus weekends)
Number of times a kid has fallen into the pool: 1
Number of times a kid has escaped and run down the street: 7
Number of museums we've been to: 5
Number of times Will has told us that he hears the doves: ENDLESS
Number of story times we've been to: 4
Number of kid proof door handles we've bought: 7
Number of door handles in the house: 9
Number of friends the boys' have made: 4
Number of new teeth Walker has: 1
Number of celiac disease books I've purchased: 6
Number of celiac disease books I've read: 3/4 of 1
Number of new recipes I've tried: 5
Number of times I've seen Wicked: 1
Number of nights Will has slept with us: 7 (and counting....)
Number of times I've mowed the lawn: 3
Number of times I've moved the lawn with Walker on my shoulders: 3
Number of times we've played hide-and-seek in the backyard: 2
Number of trips to the beach: 1 (I know, we're lacking in that area)
Number of times I've been glad that we are here: every day
Number of times I wish we were somewhere else: every once in a while (usually when paying for parking or looking at smog)


Terina said...

i'm glad that you're glad that you're there. start reading those celiac books!!!! oh, have you tried the vitamin store over by applebee's? i bet they would have a ton of stuff that you could use for him. next time you have a car go and check it out.

Jen said...

Glad to see you back in the blogosphere...I'm jealous that you got to see Wicked. How did it compare to the book?