Saturday, April 21, 2007

My Archenemy

As if I need a reason to clean my house more often - that my OCD is not enough already - my archenemy appeared today.

I hate ants. Nothing makes me more crazy than finding ants in my house. Ants outside, that's fine. That's their territory. In my house though they are invaders and need to be killed even if I must do it one teeny tiny ant at a time.

Of course this means I will get rejected from the study of Buddhism. There are Buddhists in Malaysia who are letting ants just keep building their little ant hills while the Buddhists try just blowing or flicking them off in a way to try and prevent hurt or death to the creatures. Well they are just better people than I am - and I'm ok with that. I take pleasure in getting rid of the ants in my house, whatever torturous method that takes.

Now Wikipedia tells me that ants are of particular interest because of their highly organized colonies or nests. So that tells me that if I were an insect, I would be an ant. No doubt the Queen ant. Or at least in my mind I would be. Still, this is my house and my colony!

So now my kitchen, which I scrubbed uber-clean last night, is shining once again after I sprayed bug killer like it was cheap cologne, donned my rubber gloves, grabbed a toothbrush, and scrubbed out every nook and cranny in my house!

They will not colonize this landmass!


Jen said...

Ugh, ants. I am with you, there are in my most-hated list too. Did you read the Poisonwood Bible? Right after I read that years ago, my apartment got infested with ants, and I thought I was going to go completely bonkers!

Although, I found mouse tracks under my kitchen sink today, *shudder* I think I'd trade you!

It's just me... said...

Jen - Oh I loved the Poisonwood Bible! Though I think if my house had been attacked by ants shortly after, I WOULD be bonkers!

Not sure what is worse, mice or ants...or the dreaded cockroaches.

Guess we should be glad we haven't gotten them all at once!

Terina said...

all i have to say is FLEAS!!! but any kind of bug in my house is not welcome.

It's just me... said...

TJ -

fleas + kids + your house + TX + no water = you win