Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kissed me on the bench - kissed Kevin on the bench!

Top Five Kisses

‘Kissed me on the bench – kissed Kevin on the bench- MARRIED Kevin!’

In an ode to all things flavored with High Fidelity, here are my top five all-time kisses. Names have been omitted in case I wish to blackmail these people in the future.

Sitting on the counter, him leaning in, me moving away from it. Later sitting on the couch, knowing that the kiss might change the world. It did.

Laundry room of the dorms. Sounds of the buttons on clothes clanking in the dryer. Pressed up against the washer. Lights off. Heat on.

After a fight in the parking lot. Flowers tossed on the ground in anger - same passion driving the kiss. Powerful. Forgiveness granted.

An afternoon picnic filled with surprises. Under a shady tree. New lovers but no awkwardness. Cool breeze, smooth smooching.

Under a desk. Youthfulness combined with rebellious tension. Other young girls angry with my luck. First kiss, lasting impression, humorous story.

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