Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Number Twenty-Three

For the last year I have continually commented, both to myself and those of you unfortunate to hear it, about the pressing emotional need I have felt to lose weight. Two babies in two years has not been good for my physique.

*NOTE it is spelled LOSE not LOOSE. Loose would describe the way I want my pants to feel. Lose is similar to LOSER in that I'd like to be a big LOSER. (no comments from the peanut gallery on that one)*

Over the past six weeks I have made a continual effort to lose weight without any regard to this nagging urge. Why you might ask am I trudging my butt out every 4-5 days for at least 30 minutes of exercise? COMPETITION!

That's right. Right now our little family is competing with several other 'teams' in the town's challenge to get fit together!
(I can even hear the Mayor's hyped up speech, the cheers from the crowd, and the shaking of pom-poms)

My Mom, in all the wisdom she's gained from 20/20, Dateline, Primetime, etc, told me that most people do not lose weight unless there is some sort of fear driving it. The particular show she watched had people losing weight to prevent having their dimpled cheeks (think about it) shown on national TV. 4 of 5 Doctor's recommend Nutraslim ~ oh shoot, where was I?

I meant 4 of the 5 participants did lose the weight- and the 5th, she came close. And well she lucked out, or should I say WE lucked out b/c they did not show her pretty little belly on TV.

Don't get me wrong. If I had the fear of Barbara Walters burned into me by those glaring eyes of hers I'd lose the weight too. Not because of anything I would do though- I mean you all would be tracking me down, chasing after me, in hopes to prevent your eyes from melting out of your heads if you saw me on TV.

Rather than work off that fear though I am tuning into one more closely associated with me- fear of losing. Again I'd like to be a big loser but not to a bunch of poster touting, tee-shirt wearing, mostly government working townsfolk.

So when you see me marching up and down the streets of town, on the nightly news, or waving my SEWW fit banner around it's not for team spirit. NO! It's for winning! And when you see me in pictures with the Mayor it won't be because I'm skinny. It will be because we've won (or because I have damn cute kids). We're 23 out of 117- but that's not good enough!

I mean seriously- if it were really JUST about the weight wouldn't I have used that $ 16.48 monthly fee gym membership that I've been paying for?

Go team SEWW Fit! And I'll see you on National TV!

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