Saturday, March 08, 2008

The calm after the storm...

Most of the time the phrase is 'the calm before the storm'. Alerting each of us to the awkward silences, pauses, and tranquility that comes before something stormy or out-of-control.

I am finding that, while sometimes the red night sky does offer peace, the most calm comes after the storm.

Have any of you noticed that? For me I am see that after I make a decision, no matter how hard the decision is or how much I struggle to get to it, my soul feels profoundly calm. Right now I am in the midst, well my whole family is in the midst, of trying to make changes. Changes to put our family on the right course.

And we've just been through a storm. We're not actually through will be back. Still, I find myself eerily at peace. Anchored. Calm.

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